Emeraldaline’s featured article at EBR

Emeraldaline's first feature article on an online platform. Calls for a celebration . I have collaborated with the European Business Review where a lot of insight has been shared on design management and service design. The article can be seen here European Business Review aims to publish innovative, straightforward, challenging, thought-provoking quality articles - as well …

Design Creed Series – interview with Luis Rosenthal

Researching the role of Design in creating strategy, I have collected a wealth of knowledge, integrating design techniques in the world of business. A series of design interviews were conducted with international thought leaders as part of my research. Some insight will be available in the form of short sparks of inspiration as part of the Design Creed series. The first bit of insight was given by Luis Rosenthal an LSE ( London School of Economics) professor and a current member of KPMG.

Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking

Outside-in design thinking can help reconstruct market boundaries as opposed to just concentrating on the competition with a limited customer-base competing with detrimentally limited resources. It is not enough to focus on what customers think they might need. As Henry Ford said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”